Steve Coogan to headline 'Happyish' for Showtime

The British actor will star in this black comedy, taking over the role initially held by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

In July 2013, Showtime announced Philip Seymour Hoffman as the star of "Happyish," an original series set in the advertising industry. Following the actor's death last February, the network suspended development on the project, leaving its future uncertain.

Now Showtime has returned to "Happyish" with a new leading man: Steve Coogan. The British actor recently seen in Stephen Frears's "Philomena" will head to New York this December to shoot a new pilot.

Coogan, who also appeared in the "Percy Jackson" and "Night at the Museum" movies, will play Thom Payne, an aging advertising executive whose firm has been bought out, and who is being upstaged by young talent.