Manu Bennett joins MTV's 'Shannara'

The Kiwi actor, who plays Slade Wilson on the CW's "Arrow" and Crixus on the Starz series "Spartacus," will play a druid in the fantasy series adapted from the books by Terry Brooks.

"Shannara" is set in the year 4100, several centuries after the nuclear holocaust that destroyed our current civilization, on a world divided into Four Lands shared by the humans, the trolls, the dwarves, the gnomes and the elves. The protagonist is Wil Ohmsford, a half-elf, half-human descendent of the Shannara clan, a lineage with magical powers that have the potential to change the world. 

Manu Bennett will play the world's last druid, Allanon, who guides the young protagonist in his quest to save the Four Lands.

Consisting of 10 episodes, the first season will be adapted from the second in the series of over 20 books.