Commercial break: Old Spice, Lexus and Poo-Pourri

Dads rejoice at their sons leaving home thanks to Old Spice, Lexus cars get delivered via a "Christmas train" and Santa gets caught in a compromising position. Here is our pick of the most interesting new ad campaigns happening right now.

Old Spice | Dadsong | #SmellcometoManhood
The follow-up to Old Spice's "Momsong" ad earlier this year, in which moms emotionally lamented the fact that their little boys had become men. With "Dadsong", the fathers get the chance to chime in and needless to say, their perspective is slightly different.

No Reindeer, Just Rails: The Lexus December to Remember Commercial "Christmas Train"
Parents get inventive in this "December to Remember" ad from Lexus, which aims to prove that adults can enter into the magic of the storytelling too.

Even Santa Poops -
Poo-Pourri caused a splash last year with its ad "Girls don't poop", and now it's back with a slightly disturbing yet funny clip "Even Santa poops".