Keanu Reeves to play hitman in 'Rain'

According to Deadline, Keanu Reeves has joined the expanding list of movie stars crossing over to the small screen. The actor will be the executive producer and star of "Rain."

Adapted from the "John Rain" thriller book series by American author Barry Eisler, the drama will follow a Japanese-American hit man, played by Reeves, who specializes in making it look like his victims died of natural causes.

"As a huge fan of Barry's work, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring his iconic character and incredible world to life," said the "Matrix" star.

The first series developed by Slingshot Global Media, "Rain" does not yet have a home network.

Recently seen in "47 Ronin" after making his directorial debut with "Man of Tai Chi," Reeves will soon return to theaters in "John Wick," in which he also plays a hit man, and in Eli Roth's horror thriller "Knock, Knock."