Designers return to childhood Disney memories for charity

Disney France has invited around 20 fashion designers and visual artists to explore the theme of "Bad for Good" ("Le Mal pour le Bien") through a series of works that will be exhibited in Paris and sold at auction for charity.

Once again this year, Disney France is renewing its tradition of partnering with designers and artists for a charity fundraiser. For the first time, participating artists were asked to create a work on the theme of "Bad for Good," presenting a very personal vision of the theme and calling to mind the iconic villains of Disney films through the ages.

Chantal Thomass, Christian Louboutin, Paul Smith, Christian Lacroix, Anne-Valérie Hash, Manish Arora, Kobi Levi, Laurent Pernot and Martin Grant are among the talents who contributed sketches and other works that bring their childhood memories to life.

The works will be exhibited at the Espace Commines in Paris from June 10 to 12 and sold at auction on June 12. Proceeds will benefit the non-profit group La Source, which aims to help children and teenagers confronted with social, academic or family issues.